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Aloe isn't medicine, and yet it cures
Secret Brazilian Aloe recipe cures cancer... using just three ingredients

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Living in South America, I often find myself steeped in abundant natural cures for many diseases, including cancer. You can hardly walk out your front door without finding yourself surrounded with natural medicines made by Mother Nature, and it's true across the continent, from Ecuador (where I live) through Peru and Bolivia, and all the way to Brazil.

In Brazil, a humble monk named Father Romano Zago has uncovered a powerful yet simple cure for cancer based on just three ingredients... one of them being whole Aloe Arborescens (not just the gel, but the whole leaf, including the skin and the sap). What follows is his explanation of how this Brazilian Aloe cure works to help reverse not just cancer, but several other diseases, too, like obesity and depression. He's compiled this rare knowledge into a book entitled Aloe isn't medicine, and yet it cures!

For many years, this little-known book has been extremely difficult to find. Some of the rare book collectors are selling used copied for more than double the original new price. So Truth Publishing contacted the author and reached an agreement to reprint the book, making a new print run available to the world. We're happy to announce that new print run is complete, and this extremely valuable book is available right now!

What's really valuable about this book is that in addition to detailing the aloe vera recipe, it gives you two options for acquiring it: You can either make the recipe yourself (for just pennies per dose) using aloe arborescens (I personally use Aloe Vera instead) and two commonly-available ingredients, or you can find the same formula ready-made from a company distributing it in the United States.

Here's the description of the book from Father Romano Zago:

Aloe isn't medicine, and yet it cures

"Aloe isn't medicine, and yet... it Cures" is the latest book by Father Romano Zago, author of "The Scientific Monographic History of Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens". Over the last few years, his books have received widespread acclaim in the field of alternative medicine in Europe. With his latest book, Father Romano Zago presents the curative properties of Aloe Arborescens and describes, in simple practice, how to use this plant in curing over 100 types of illnesses including obesity and depression.

The Aloe Arborescens immune formula used by Brazilian natives that is described in this book is unmatched in its potency to provide the human body a complete spectrum of phytonutrient and nutraceutical properties needed to support a healthy immune system while gently eliminating waste particles. This returns the body to a normal state of structure and function.

A number of recent worldwide clinical studies listed in the bibliography of the book offer scientific evidence supporting the fact that Aloe Arborescens has a high concentration of complex sugars called glucomannan polysaccharides and as many as 200 biologically active phytonutritional compounds that work in synergy to promote the modulation of innate immunity and macrophage function. In test after test, it has also been shown to kill a broad range of viruses, fungi and monilia (a particularly active fungus that attacks the mucous membranes). Consequently, it provides extraordinary support for the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes and connective tissue.

"Aloe Isn't Medicine, and yet... it Cures!" offers a scientifically supported, simple and low-cost alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Get the book from Truth Publishing today.

How it works

The human body heals itself from within and, because of its more than 200 phytotherapeutic substances, the juice from the whole leaf of Aloe Arborescens provides the perfect complement to the biological requirements of the body. In Aloe, you will find a true arsenal of useful substances that are essential for good health, such as enzymes, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, monosaccharide oils, polysaccharides, anthraquinone compounds, etc. The cleansing initiated by this recipe of Aloe will detoxify the body, renew the blood and strengthen the immune system so the body can restore itself to health.

Plant saccharide research indicates that properties in the Aloe Arborescens plant support the immune system, helping it to fight illnesses of all kinds, including general infections, cancer and HIV. To learn more about the many benefits of this Brazilian recipe, as well as the clinical studies and properties of this aloe species, see the website www.aloearborescens.org

Father Romano Zago's book describes how a healthy immune system keeps chronic illness in check. If a person develops a chronic illness, something was not working in the detoxification process and the immune system. If a person is undergoing treatment for any chronic disease, it very important to detoxify the body and support the immune system. Many conventional cancer treatments leave the immune system in tatters. This aloe recipe nourishes the body, replenishing what has been lost, and cleanses away toxins that have accumulated. It will leave the body rejuvenated, with an immune system that is stronger and more able to preserve and protect health.

A strong immune system is our most powerful weapon against disease and this Aloe Arborescens recipe is the secret recipe for broad based supreme immune health.

A cancer cure the whole world needs to hear

When we get the nutrition from the right kinds of foods, we give our bodies the tools they need to heal themselves. Father Zago, in his books on the benefits of Aloe Arborescens, shares with readers the results of his research into this amazing plant. Based on his observation of numerous people with chronic illness who have used it, he maintains that this Brazilian recipe of unprocessed whole leaf Aloe Arborescens juice, pure bees' honey and 1% distillate can restore health through nutrition. It is the discovery of the century -- a miracle health breakthrough for the benefit of humanity.

In 1757, British naval surgeon Dr. James Lind conducted clinical observations that eventually ended the chain of over two million deaths of British sailors due to scurvy. He did it by introducing lemon or lime juice, or the fruit where possible, into the diet of English seamen. This solution to eliminate scurvy was a different approach from accepted medical practice at the time, but it led to significant savings in the cost of maintaining the navy and saving the lives of sailors. Today, more than 200 years later, the medical community still ignores the benefits of good nutrition in the prevention of disease.

Father Zago believes members of the medical profession should step outside orthodox pharmaceutical medicine and extend their approval to remedies that include homeopathic medicine, plant therapy and other health cures known since ancient times that are far less lucrative to the pharmaceutical industry but are far more effective at promoting human health. The ultimate objective is to save lives. Thus, rather than exclude these alternative methods, physicians should incorporate them into their medical practice.

"Aloe Isn't Medicine, and yet... it Cures!" is available now.

About the author

Father Romano Zago, OFM, was born in Lajeado (RS) Brazil on August 11, 1932. He was ordained a Franciscan friar in 1958 after having studied philosophy and theology. In 1971, he received a degree in literature and foreign languages (Latin, Portuguese, French and Spanish) from PUCRS faculty of literature, Universita Pontifica Cattolica.

In 1988, while presiding at the San Antonio parish in Pouso Novo (RS) Brazil, he learned from local natives about a potent, all-natural Aloe Arborescens recipe they use for curing cancer, and he began to test it with the chronically ill. It was here he first observed the positive results obtained with nutrition against advanced disease states. Later, he was sent to Jerusalem and Italy, where he continued to see great success in the chronically ill, witnessing them being cured with this recipe made with the whole leaf of the native Aloe arborescens plant. This inspired him to devote his life to researching and understanding the healing properties of Aloe.

At the request of many people and organizations, Father Zago has given lectures and conferences in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and Brazil about the ability of the human body to heal and regulate itself when supplied with the cell-required concentrated micronutrients found in the polysaccharides (complex sugar molecules) of this Aloe plant species and the recipe.

Contact information for Father Zago is included in the book.

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Price: $15.95 USD On Sale! $8.95
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