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Doctors Are More Harmful than Germs, and 6 Other Expert Natural Health Lectures
"Prescription Drug Abuse," "Why Risk Cancer?" "Electronic Harassment," "Big Pharma Conspiracy," and more live-recorded lectures help you see the truth at hand.

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Eight 45-minute+ talks by leading natural health educators provide a dose of the reality we live in, and the reality in which we must defend and protect our health.

  • Dick Gregory: "Natural Diet: Increase Your Longevity and Your Life!" and "Big Pharma Conspiracy"

  • Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, M.D.: "Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs"

  • Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., CCN: "Why Risk Cancer? Don't Replace Your Hormones - Rejuvenate Your Own!"

  • Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D.: "Omega-3 for Better or Worse"

  • Erin Marie Daly: "Prescription Drug Overdose"

  • Dr. Rick DeAndrea, M.D., N.D.: "Innovations in Alternative Medicine"

  • Dr. Fred Bell: "Electronic Harassment"

    About Dick Gregory: Natural Diet and Big Pharma Conspiracy

    “I love Dick Gregory. He’s one of the funniest people on the planet.” - Bill Clinton

    Dick Gregory, role model for the likes of Lenny Bruce, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby and George Carlin, and a Kennedy Center honoree, is widely considered to be one of the greatest comedians of all time. He mixes adversity with humor in his own distinctive style to address the collaborative role the food industry plays with Big Pharma. He reveals the under-examined and disturbing roles these industries play in tampering with the health and well being of every man, woman and child. The time to address this disturbing conspiracy is now!

    Did you realize that your health is being sabotaged by genetically modified foods without your knowledge? Why? Food labeling guidelines do not require all food companies to reveal whether foods have been genetically modified or not. Find out which companies participate in these practices, why the government allows it, and why politicians are looking the other way!

    Everywhere we turn, we are being drugged. Chemtrails in the sky and prescription drugs are the leading cause of death in America today.

    Enough is enough! Who’s going to stand up to Big Pharma? We are!! The Conscience of America.

    Dick Gregory went from a 280 pound over eating, heavy drinking, sinus suffering morgue candidate to one of the most revered spiritual natural food gurus in the world. He learned that to effectively change the world, he had to change himself first. He has participated in over 100 fasts and prayer vigils defending human rights including world hunger.

    Join Dick Gregory as he speaks on Big Pharma vs natural diet and nutrition.

    Dick Gregory, comedian, satirical humorist, recording artist with seven records, television and film personality, humanitarian, leading nutritionist, (formulator of the Bahamian Diet), is the author of 15 books, including the best-seller Nigger and his most recent work, Callus on My Soul. Considered the role model for Lenny Bruce, and one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time, Dick shares a topical story of adversity with his signature humor. He raises his voice with the cries of the American people, many of whom are eating genetically modified food. Is there a connection to a nationwide epidemic of obesity and disease? Learn how the food and drug industry is engaged and implicated and what we can do to change this trajectory. Is organic the answer? Let the truth be told!

    About Harvey Bigelsen, M.D.: Doctors Are More Harmful than Germs

    Have you ever heard a surgeon state “Surgery is a legal assault with a knife”? Dr. Bigelsen explains how surgeries are actually a major cause of many chronic diseases we see today in the western world. And “germs” are neither good nor bad, they are us. The germ, he argues, means nothing and the terrain is everything. Provocative and radical in his approach he will enlighten and challenge you to rethink everything you believe about disease, how it’s treated and ultimately reversed.

    Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., has been a pioneering medical and political maverick in non-traditional health care for over 35 years. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act and authored 4 books.

    About Theresa Dale, Ph.D., CCN: Why Risk Cancer? Rejuvenate Your Own Hormones

    Learn to balance your endocrine system naturally. See before and after clinical tests revealing toxic effects of Hormone Replace Therapy, including Bio-Identical HRT vs. using Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation. Dr. Dale's Hormone Rejuvenation formulas, for example, are non-toxic to the environment and humans and have proven effective in 20,000 before and after tests. Meet Dr. Dale, author & founder of the California College of Natural Medicine.

    Founder of The Wellness Center For Research and Education, Inc. and California College of Natural Medicine, Theresa Dale has also authored two books, Transform Your Emotional DNA and Revitalize Your Hormones. In practice for 25 years (CCN, Traditional Naturopath), Dale has invented a medically proven homeopathic alternative to invasive and dangerous hormone replacement therapies.

    About Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D.: Omega-3 for Better or Worse

    Unsaturated fats (Omega-3, Omega-6) are in our food, supplements, and bodies – for better or worse. Most Omega-3 products are not ecological, contain rancid polluted oil and may have detrimental side-effects. Many experts quote literature that has been heavily EPA/DHA-biased.

    Dr. Tel-Oren discusses naturally stable plant-based Omega-3 and its proven health impact, and reveals what the popular Omega-3 oil industries don’t want you to know.

    Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D., is a renowned pioneer and inventor who focuses on natural principles, health and sustainability. He is an educator, physician, university professor and holistic scientist.

    About Erin Marie Daly: Prescription Drug Abuse

    Daly is a legal journalist and the founder of the blog Oxy Watchdog. Her OxyContin fascination began when her brother became addicted to the painkiller and later lost his life to heroin.

    As a former senior reporter for a New York City-based legal newswire, Erin wrote hundreds of articles on product liability issues in the health care industry, particularly relating to pharmaceutical companies.

    Her work in this area included reporting on developments in personal injury, product defect, and wrongful death lawsuits against global drug companies and medical device makers, analysis of state and federal legislative developments involving the health care industry, and features on district and appellate jurisdictional trends.

    She also covered nationwide litigation and regulatory issues spanning intellectual property and patent law, environmental law, financial and securities law, and employment law, among other areas.

    In 2007, Erin was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Digital Journalism for her profile of a homeless transgender teenager battling the streets of New York City. She has spent substantial periods of time freelance reporting in countries such as India, Bosnia and Russia. Her cultural analysis of all-girls roller-derby matches, evangelical Christians struggling with homosexuality, pursuing love in Russia’s HIV-positive community, Bosnian war amputees finding new life through volleyball, post-9/11 sentiment in Brooklyn, and more has appeared the Moscow Times, In The Fray Magazine, the Brooklyn Papers, and Art & Understanding, among others.

    Erin holds a master of arts degree in cultural reporting and criticism from New York University, and a bachelor of arts degree in rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley.

    She lives with her husband and dog in San Francisco. Her current project is a book on the prescription drug addiction epidemic.

    About Richard DeAndrea, M.D., N.D.: Innovations in Alternative Medicine

    Holistic Health Director, TRIA Integrative Wellness Center (Bangkok, Thailand) An advocate for alternative health, Dr. DeAndrea has studied and practiced everything from traditional from traditional folk medicine to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    After medical school doctor D studied Internal Medicine and General Surgery, stuck with the system and then had a change in focus. 
Disheartened with Western Medicine and the “dangling carrot” cure mentality he sought an alternative approach. Along the way he experienced everything from folk healing to psychedelic shamanism. His journey eventually led him toward Holistic Medicine. He applied the principles of holistic medicine in South Central Los Angeles for 5 years. The results were miraculous! In 1997 NBC, ABC and Hard Copy reported that heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even AIDS cases were reversed in a little ghetto clinic when the “holy cure” was replaced with good old fashioned healing.

    “Curing is for pickles, healing is for people,” says Doctor DeAndrea.

    Above all doctor D believes healing can be fun. In 1998, he and Woody Harrelson joined forces to open the first oxygen bar in America. The bar introduced living foods, herbal drinks and oxygen as the most healthy way to party!

    Dr. DeAndrea is co-founder of the 21 Day Detox, a program that teaches people how to be their own doctor. His program was featured on Lifetime Television, CNN and CBS: 48 Hours in 2003. He is the author of The Fat Cure, the secrets to rapid and permanent weight loss launched in 2007 on a nationwide cable television infomercial campaign.

    Dr. DeAndrea is presently the Chief of Integrative Medicine for MediCann, the state leader in Medical Marijuana recommendations with nine locations in California. doctor D always integrates his treatments with green medicine. His goal is to use the best of both the East and the West to get the most successful result for the patient.

    About Dr. Fred Bell: Electronic Harassment

    Too many people experience Electronic Harassment today. In the past, neurotic and physical symptoms were brought on by implants and close contact radio frequency exposure. Today it comes from Satellite and advanced ELF technology. This is affecting both children and adults alike. As a result, usage of SSRI (uptake inhibitors) is on the rise, along with increased drug and alcohol addiction.

    In his new book, The Inside Track, Dr. Bell explains historical origins and present day facts. For years he did research on the present day problem and has established several counter measures which he shares with you in this exciting presentation. Dr. Fred Bell entered the world of nuclear physics and the paranormal, and became an inventor at age of 14, while working at the University of Michigan, founded the company, Pyradyne, in 1975.

    The thousands of people who have seen these lectures are now much better informed, and keep coming back to these speakers for more.

    If you couldn't be there, now you have the opportunity to get the inside information presented soundly, logically, and always with spark!

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    Presenter: Dick Gregory, Dr. Fred Bell, Harvey Bigelsen, MD, Richard Deandrea, MD, ND, Adiel Tel-Oren, MD, Theresa Dale, PhD, Eri Marie Daly
    Includes: 9 Online Streamed Video(s) (464 mins total)
    Price: $89.95 USD On Sale! $34.95
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    Lectures Include:

  • Dick Gregory
    Natural Diet: Increase Your Longevity and Your Life!
    Big Pharma Conspiracy, Part 1
    Big Pharma Conspiracy, Part 2

  • Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, MD
    Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs

  • Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN
    Why Risk Cancer? Don't Replace Your Hormones - Rejuvenate Your Own!

  • Adiel Tel-Oren, MD
    Omega-3 for Better or Worse

  • Dr. Rick DeAndrea, MD, ND
    Innovations in Alternative Medicine

  • Erin Marie Daly
    Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Dr. Fred Bell
    Electronic Harassment

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