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An in-your-face wake-up call, GhettoPhysics shows how the game of life is played - and it's all the same game!

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"Never has a truer notion been expounded upon in any film
of any genre in the history of filmmaking - ever."

- Tim Cogshell, Box Office Magazine

"This isn't Chicken Soup for the Soul. It's a bitch slap for the slumbering."

An in-your-face wake-up call, GhettoPhysics shows how the game of life is played-and it's all the same game! From the corner offices of Wall Street to the inner sanctums of world governments, from the red light districts in the ghettos to the living rooms behind the white-picket fences on Main Street, game is happening. And if you don't know it, the game is going to roll right over you.

African American philosopher/filmmaker E. Raymond Brown plays the cocky "Professor," explaining the life game to a class of clueless and initially indifferent students who have no idea that the modern world is "all about makin' you think a certain way." Through a series of interviews, animation and dramatic sequences he reveals not only how the life game works in politics, global economics, technology, media and entertainment, he points the finger at the global power brokers pulling the strings, making world populations dance to their tune.

The film includes interviews with notable entertainers and modern thinkers, such as Dr. Cornel West, John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man), Byron Katie, Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., Ice-T, Dr. Ernest Badger, KRS-One, Michael Meade, Too Short, Ishmael Tetteh, Dr. Sonia Barrett, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Norman Lear. Of course, it also includes a colorful contingent of street characters with names like Filmore Slim, Hook da Crook, Mac Breed and Lo Da Show.

A down and dirty analysis of the root source of the worlds' ills--from struggling economies to the Gulf oil spill, healthcare woes to global resource wars.

In addition, the film comes with the companion eBook, GhettoPhysics: Redefining the Game. A no-BS look at money, materialism, media, politics (poli-tricks), healthcare, sex and society and all the games we are taught to play for the advantage of big money, GhettoPhysics: Redefining the Game is an in-your-face expose that will wake you up to what's been goin' down - and it will coach you on how to go about making the changes inside you that will enable you to regain your personal power and make a difference in the world. Featuring colorful graphics, interactive links, exercises, resources, and quotations from modern iconoclasts from hip-hop artist KRS-One to global economic hit-man insider John Perkins, GhettoPhysics is an entertaining wake-up call to action you won't want to miss! Comes in PDF eBook format for your computer or tablet, and includes links for additional information on subjects!

The film, GhettoPhysics, is a cinematic take-no-prisoners reality check you won't soon forget, and the ebook, GhettoPhysics: Redefining the Game, is a more detailed, even more shocking revelation experience.

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Presenter: E. Raymond Brown and William Arnst
Includes: 1 Online Streamed Video(s) (92 mins total)
1 Downloadable Documents
Price: $31.99 USD On Sale! $17.99
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    1. GhettoPhysics - the film
    2. GhettoPhysics: Redefining the Game, the eBook!

"A radically ingenious, in-your-face documentary hybrid. Wild, illuminating, provocative, and fun."
- Stephen Rea, The Philiadelphia Inquirer

From the Co-Creator of
"What the Bleep Do We Know?!"

  • Dr. Cornel West
  • Ice-T
  • John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man)
  • KRS-One
  • Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
  • Too Short
  • Transformational consultant Byron Katie
  • Norman Lear
  • Hank Wesselman, PhD
  • Dr. Ernest Badger
  • Lo Da Sho
  • Sonia Barrett
  • Michael Meade
  • Ishmael Tetteh

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