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Health Ranger LIVE - Preparedness defense and safety
A two-hour LIVE presentation by the Health Ranger on safety, self defense and protecting your family and property during a collapse.

Price: $59.95 USD

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"How to protect and defend your family, your property and your life in a collapse scenario"

The Health Ranges delves into territory he's never taught before (but has learned the hard way from personal experience): How to legally and competently defend your person, your family, your home or apartment, your yard, your stored food and anything else against rioters, tyrants and illegal government confiscation.

Topics covered include:

  • How to hide your valuables where no one will find them

  • How to set up a "decoy stash" for looters or government confiscation

  • Cheap and simple perimeter defense items

  • How to freak out (and scare away) looters who enter your home

  • Which pistols to absolutely avoid because they're dangerous and unreliable

  • Which pistols actually work in self defense situations to save lives and stop crime

  • Why every large property owner needs a rifle (and which rifles to consider owning)

  • How to AVOID using lethal force by de-escalating situations

  • How to HIDE your entire house or apartment from looters

  • Understanding the mentality of looters and desperate people

  • Discussion on pepper spray, tasers and non-lethal weapons

  • Home defense tactics and why walls don't stop bullets

  • Learning how to "clear" your own home of intruders

  • What firearm calibers to own and store for personal use and barter

  • Why firearms and ammunition is nearly sold out across the entire country (and where to still get supplies)

  • How to purchase defense items covertly, without advertising your activities

  • Why you should be aware of nosy neighbors who think storing food is a sign of terrorism

  • Why you need to think about dealing with REFUGEES

  • Discussion about staying put versus going mobile

  • Why you need a backup location outside the city, away from the population centers

  • Why PEOPLE are the real problem in any collapse

  • What firearm skills to practice if you want to safely and competently keep a firearm for self defense

  • Why you should never CHASE looters, intruders or "bad guys"

  • Why you need a "chest rig" to carry basic equipment with you, where to get one and what to look for

  • Discussion of flashlights and what works vs. what doesn't

  • Tactics of using light versus avoiding the use of light

  • Discussion of night vision gear and its use in safety and protection

  • The HUGE mistake that "preppers" make when buying gear

  • Why practicing at a shooting range is nearly useless for real-world defense

  • How to work with local law enforcement officials to restore order

  • The biggest mistakes in home defense

  • Discussion of how looting gangs really operate and what tactics they use

Bonus Item:
  • Exclusive new interview with Joe Nobody, author of Holding Your Ground and other books on tactical defense. He covers specific how-to information on:

  • Perimeter defense

  • Night vision gear

  • Gear carry strategies

  • Intelligently assessing the vulnerabilities of your home or property

  • Much more...

NOTE: All information in this course is 100% legal and lawful. It is intended to help good people stay safe and healthy so that they may work to restore lawful order at the local level in a large-scale collapse scenario. All people have the right to self defense!

Duration: 90 minutes presentation, 30 minutes of live Q&A

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Presenter: Mike Adams
Includes: 15 Online Streamed Video(s) (353 mins total)
1 Online Streamed Audio(s) (71 mins total)
2 Downloadable Documents
Price: $59.95 USD
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"I ended up listening most of the three hours of Mike Adams. What an incredible job that guy did. I gotta say of all the fill-in hosts, and they all do a great job, I think Mike does the best job, and it's just good to know there's other people out there that really get it and are so articulate, and just are so effective. And he's such a gentleman..."

- Alex Jones, April 11, 2012
on the live broadcast of the Alex Jones Show

Actual testimonials from participants in Be Prepared, Not Scared - Financial Preparedness

"Thank goodness! Been waiting to hear from you on crisis farming! Farming and for aging in tropical climates... Thanks guys." - E. Nunes

"Thank you. It was excellent information!" - A. Stulginskas

"Thank you for all your thoughts and ideas in this program.. we need people like you both to help people around the world." - R. Tolhoek

"Thank you both so much!!!!!!!!!!!! You have reassured us and provided wonderful information to be prepared! Love you both!" - Y. Yohanna

"Thank you!!!!! Can't wait for the next in the series. Wish I could sign up right now..." - B. Jacksha

"This is incredibly valuable and necessary information for us all." - N. Smith

"Thank you both so much for this presentation. I started feeling scared and now I feel like I can be more in control and prepared." - J. Davenport

"Thank you Mike and Robert for your honesty and brilliant presentation." - R. Bernhardt

"Thank you - this was very informative and thought-provoking. I will definitely be participating in the next one." - P. Biondolillo

"Deep Gratitude & Thousand blessings for all that you share." - D. Richards

"This was great! I look forward to the next session..." - D. Whinham

From the Health Ranger's farm in Texas, meet Jackson and Jennifer, two "rescue" donkeys who are being nursed back to health. Watch the video

Farm fresh chicken eggs from the Health Ranger's free-range, home-grown chickens. Watch the video

The Health Ranger shows how to make Babaco juice (a cross between papaya and pineapple). Watch the video

The Health Ranger harvests delicious fresh figs from Ecuador. Watch the video

The Health Ranger harvesting cacao pods in Ecuador.

The Health Ranger harvests a giant aloe vera leaf in Ecuador.

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