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How to Halt Diabetes in 25 Days
Now updated with the results of a groundbreaking new study that proves diabetes is reversible in only three weeks!

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Welcome to the down-to-Earth guide on beating type-2 diabetes. Five years ago, I used to be borderline diabetic. I weighed 220 pounds, suffered from severe carbohydrate cravings, mood swings, and depression. Using the very same natural health strategies revealed here, I beat diabetes and hyperinsulinemia and today maintain a steady blood sugar level of 87, without drugs or insulin.

Halting diabetes is quite straightforward using basic biochemical cause and effect. It's relatively easy to explain. The only reason people don't beat their diabetes is because: 1) they don't know about this information, and 2) organized medicine doesn't teach anybody this information. Drug companies would much prefer to keep you dependent on insulin and diabetes drugs. The moment you beat this disease, they lose a customer.

It's proven: Diabetes can be reversed. According to a groundbreaking new study completed by researchers at UCLA and other California universities, changes in diet and moderate exercise actually reverse diabetes in at least 50% of patients in only three weeks! In only three weeks time, the amount of cholesterol and free radicals in the test subjects' blood was lower and their nitric oxide levels were higher, which are all factors in stopping diabetes before it takes its toll on limbs and life. (Did you know that diabetes is the number one cause of leg amputations in the United States?)

Just one strategy revealed here utterly eliminates the need for insulin in 70% of diabetic patients. Other strategies described in this guide halt blood sugar swings, reduce stress on your pancreas, and help return your body to its normal, healthy state of blood sugar management.

You'll not only beat diabetes: what you're about to learn in this guide will also stave off heart disease, protect your brain and nervous system, and result in the natural reduction of excess body fat. These are just a few of the positive, health-promoting side effects of what you'll learn in this guide.

How I discovered the truth about diabetes:

My name is Mike Adams, and I'm known as the Health Ranger. I'm the primary contributor to a natural health news network that now reaches over half a million readers each month. I've written over 1,500 articles on health, nutrition and disease prevention, and I've dedicated over 5,000 hours of my life to studying the true underlying causes of disease and health.

In that time, I learned that organized medicine never teaches people how to prevent or reverse diabetes. Our entire medical system is geared to treating or "managing" this so-called disease, but never in helping people be free from it.

And yet, as I learned, being free from diabetes isn't rocket science. By applying a few key natural health principles -- and changing some core habits -- any person can prevent or even reverse this metabolic disorder. If everyone applied this information, diabetes could be wiped out virtually overnight. We can beat this disease, all around the world, based on what we know right now!

Yet you'll never hear the truth from doctors, drug companies or even diabetes organizations. Our nation's best-known diabetes organization is, in fact, funded by soft drink companies. The president of that organization is on the record stating that sugar consumption doesn't even promote diabetes. How's that for denial? It's all a system of corruption and Big Business, and you -- the diabetes patient -- keep paying the price.

Now for some straight talk:

If you're tired of being financially exploited by doctors and drug companies while you suffer from this entirely reversible disease -- and you're ready to be free of diabetes for the rest of your life -- you're ready to read How to Halt Diabetes In 25 Days.

In this guide, you'll hear straight, uncensored talk on what really causes diabetes. Plus, you'll learn precisely how to reverse this metabolic condition in under a month by applying specific strategies that require no drugs, no surgery, and no crazy gimmicks.

It's all based on 100% proven natural health strategies that will enhance your total health while simultaneously beating diabetes.

Revealed inside How to Halt Diabetes in 25 Days:

  • The complete, 25-day, step-by-step guide to halting type-2 diabetes.

  • How simple food changes have eliminated insulin injections for 70% of diabetics.

  • The shocking truth of why half of all limb amputations in America are caused by diabetes.

  • Why the American Diabetes Association won't tell you the truth about what causes diabetes.

  • The 78 destructive metabolic consequences of eating sugar.

  • Why diabetes is really a metabolic disorder, not a disease, and how it can be halted in 25 days or less.

  • How to get off insulin for the rest of your life.

  • The one trace mineral that's almost always missing from the diets of diabetics (and where you can find it).

  • How the main food that causes diabetes also promotes the growth of cancer tumors.

  • Which grocery store foods contain hidden sugars that promote diabetes and high blood sugar.

  • Why the consumption of healthy oils is crucial to halting diabetes for life.

  • How food manufacturers try to deceive you by making unhealthy foods appear healthy.

  • Why diabetic prescription drugs are useless, and what to use instead.

  • The one common cause of diabetes, mood swings and irritability.

  • Why our nation is headed for a diabetic epidemic.
  • All about "sticky blood" -- which foods cause it, and why it can literally kill you.

  • Which foods deplete your body of nutrients and leave you defenseless against cancer.

  • Details on the hidden chemical solvent in white flour that directly causes diabetes.

  • The real story on diabetes and exercise: why you need it, and how transforms your biochemistry.

  • How simple nutritional supplements can erase your carbohydrate cravings.

... and much more.

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Presenter: Mike Adams
Includes: 3 Downloadable Documents
Price: $19.95 USD
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