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The Secret of Juice Feasting
A step by step guide to eliminating disease in 92 days with nature's most powerful healing juices

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In this audio seminar, Mike Adams and David Rain reveal The Secret of Juice Feasting: What it is, how to do it, and the many ways in which this simple lifestyle change causes the body to heal itself from the inside out while eliminating the underlying causes of virtually all degenerative disease.

Listeners will learn how to completely transform their health in just 92 days by taking advantage of nature's most powerful healing juices!

The information in this presentation is based on clinical experience with thousands of participants who have reversed diabetes, halted cancer, dropped excess body fat, eliminated arthritis pain, reversed heart disease and greatly enhanced the quality of their lives through Juice Feasting. This simple, safe and natural therapy is easy to follow (you can make it in your own kitchen) and offers more healing potential than any medication. It's not a "fast" and you don't have to deprive your body of the nutrition it needs. It's a "feast!"

Juice Feasting is exploding in popularity: It's the "miracle" solution for virtually all degenerative disease, and it's helping thousands of new people each month eliminate chronic pain and disease while uplifting their moods, minds and spirits! In this audio presentation, you'll learn:

  • What is "Juice Feasting," how it works and how to participate

  • Why Juice Feasting causes rapid -- but healthy -- weight loss, returning your body to a healthy weight in about 90 days

  • Tips for transitioning to Juice Feasting from any diet, no matter how bad it is right now (even if you eat pizza, milk and donuts!)

  • The incredible benefits to your skin and appearance that occur naturally from following Juice Feasting

  • Why you don't need an expensive juicing machine to follow Juice Feasting (just a blender like a Vita-Mix)

  • How to eliminate acid reflux disease, stomach ulcers, gall stones and other digestive disorders with a simple Juice Feasting recipethat normalizes digestive processes

  • Exactly why Juice Feasting reverses diabetes and stabilizes blood sugar within just a few days

  • Easy ways to integrate this lifestyle into any schedule, including work, travel and family time

  • The medicine in nature's juices and why they prevent cancer, halt tumor growth and help destroy existing cancer tumors

  • Why former diabetics are able to eliminate the disease and get off insulin for life by following Juice Feasting

  • How to prepare your juice each morning for the entire day, saving you hours of food prep time

  • Why Juice Feasting will boost your immune function and make you increasingly immune to colds, flus and infectious disease

  • Fatigued? Learn how Juice Feasting normalizes your sleep, enhances cellular energy and makes you feel younger by the day!

  • How Juice Feasting detoxifies your body and can eliminate several pounds of fecal matter from your intestines

  • Details on how Juice Feasting reverses blocked arteries, clearing out the cardiovascular system and preventing heart attacks

  • Recipes and tips on making Juice Feasting delicious and nutritious

  • The importance of rehydration and why citrus and MSM help rehydrate the body's organs and tissues

  • How the powerful alkalizing effect of Juice Feasting helps restore bone density and reverse osteoporosis

  • Details on real-world results achieved by thousands of people who have already experienced Juice Feasting

  • How Juice Feasting lifts brain fog, enhances learning and creativity while improving memory and cognitive function

  • Why Juice Feasting replaces literally thousands of medications with nature's best medicine that's 100% compatible with the human body

  • Realistic answers to skeptical questions that people might ask about Juice Feasting

  • How Juice Feasting detoxifies the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, heart and brain using safe, natural cleansing processes

  • Why the Juice Feasting lifestyle is ultimately far less expensive than consuming "cheap" junk foods and processed foods

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Presenter: Mike Adams and David Rain
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Price: $58.00 USD On Sale! $52.00
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