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Take Back Your Health Power
How to reclaim your natural health power from the doctors, drug companies and food marketers who have stolen your right to be healthy and happy.

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Do you feel powerless over your health situation? Do you want to take control over your health future and break away from the bad advice pushed onto you by physicians and drug companies? This courageous report tells you how to take back your power from those who have been exploiting your misfortune for their profit. Learn how to put yourself in control and transform your health outcome into the one you truly desire.

Here's some of what you'll learn inside:

  • How to permanently change your health outcome to live longer, healthier and happier.

  • Why the drug industry and food marketers want you to keep giving up your power.

  • Revealed: the three simple steps to taking back your health power starting right now!

  • The real story on how conventional medicine steals your power in order to exploit you for profit.

  • How to teach yourself the fundamentals of disease prevention so you're never left in the dark again.

  • How to shop at the grocery store in a way that supports your health rather than the profits of food manufacturers.

  • The real reason why conventional medicine wants consumers to stay ignorant about health and wellness.

  • How to master your health outcome with proven strategies that really work.

  • How conventional medicine steals your power by convincing you that health is a matter of luck, not choice.

  • Which food ingredients promote chronic disease (and how to avoid them).

  • Why your doctor is a poor source for health information and where to get health information that empowers you rather than dumbing you down.

  • How to truly be disease free for the rest of your life.

  • How to stop blaming food companies for your health problem and start making immediate changes that work.

  • How to make taking care of your health feel instantly rewarding rather than difficult.

  • Revealed: the three types of people and how to become the type you truly want to be.

  • How to slowly evolve your diet over time in a way that never requires strict discipline.

  • Why using coupons at the grocery store is a poor strategy if you want to be healthy.

  • Why you're literally putting your life in the hands of pharmaceutical companies if you start taking prescription drugs on a daily basis.

In a powerful way, this book helps you realize where you're giving away your health power right now. You may not even be aware of it, but if you're like most people, you're surrendering your power to doctors, pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturing corporations every single day. The result is worsening health and a feeling of helplessness.

But you can turn that around by learning how the power to alter your health outcome belongs solely to you and understanding that no one can take it from you unless you willingly give it up. Take Back Your Health Power can change your life. It puts the power to determine your future squarely back in your own hands, opening up a universe of new options and opportunities to pursue a life full of health and happiness.

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Presenter: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Includes: 1 Downloadable Documents
Price: $7.95 USD
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