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The Five Soft Drink Monsters
How to finally kick the soft drink habit for good!

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Kicking the soft drink habit is a critical step for achieving lasting health and weight loss. Avoiding soft drinks can literally transform your health and cause you to lose weight, reverse symptoms of diabetes, enhance bone density, support healthy brain function and even protect your body's nervous system. Until now, however, most people have found it nearly impossible to successfully quit drinking soft drinks.

Now for the first time, The Five Soft Drink Monsters reveals how to easily and permanently break the soft drink habit for good. Using the simple five-step strategy revealed inside, you will successfully break free from the ravaging health effects of soft drinks. This guide will show you, in clear understandable terms, how to recognize each of the five addictive elements of soft drinks -- and then beat them with a clever strategy that's already worked for thousands of people.

Here's some of what you'll learn inside:

  • The terrible truth about how soft drinks promote diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and kidney disorders.

  • Why you should never try to quit soft drinks cold turkey.

  • Revealed: the five multisensory elements of soft drink consumption that creates a five-fold addiction (and why soft drink companies love it!)

  • How soft drinks create a dangerous mineral imbalance in the human body that results in loss of bone mass and can be misdiagnosed as osteoporosis.

  • The hidden ingredient in diet soft drinks that ravages the human nervous system and promotes Alzheimer's, migraine headaches, mental confusion and nerve damage.

  • How to end up actually hating soft drinks so much that you'll never touch one again!

  • Why consuming diet soft drinks is even worse for your health than regular soft drinks.

  • The real reason why soft drinks cause deadly calcium deficiencies in your body.

  • How caffeine is actually a highly addictive psychoactive drug that hooks you on soft drinks.

  • Which natural sweetener can replace the sweetness of high-sugar soft drinks without adding calories or carbs to your diet.

  • How to integrate all this information into your life, with relatively little effort, in a smart way that will never backtrack.

  • This is the report the soft drink companies hope you never read, because it shows you how to break free from the soft drink habit and take control over your health.

  • It puts you back in charge and opens up a whole new world of health possibilities where you can be free from diabetes, weight gain, bone disorders, nervous system problems and kidney problems.

This is the technique created by author Mike Adams to break free from soft drinks. Today, he's been soda-free for over ten years! Ten years from now, you could be saying the same thing. Imagine how much healthier and thinner you'll be when soft drinks are finally out of your life and your body regains its natural balance, free from the ravaging health effects of a beverage some call, "liquid candy."

Read The Five Soft Drink Monsters and kick the soft drink habit for good. Your body (and your brain) will thank you for it.

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Presenter: Mike Adams, Health Ranger
Includes: 1 Downloadable Documents
Price: $12.95 USD
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