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The Real Safety Guide to Protecting Your Environment
Discover 120 practical, Earth-saving solutions for energy conservation, detoxifying your home and work environments, clean air, clean water, recycling and much more

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The Real Safety Guide to Protecting Your Environment teaches you how to save your own health and safeguard the health of planet Earth at the same time. Based on the most up-to-date and thorough research available, this comprehensive guide gives you easy, practical solutions that you can tap into to make a positive impact on this world!

Inside, you'll discover 120 real-world tips and tricks like:

  • 36 tips on saving water (and money)!

  • 11 money-saving ways to conserve energy in your home.

  • Revealed: The No. 1 environmental health threat to children living in the United States may be in your home.

  • 17 proven strategies for employers and employees to make the workplace environmentally friendly.

  • 10 ways to recycle wisely. (Hint: It starts while you're still in the supermarket!)

  • Revealed: Household cleaners that cause cancer.

  • Safe ways to dispose of hazardous household waste, used oil, batteries, tires, consumer electronics and other items that threaten the environment.

  • Revealed: Toxic chemicals are in household dust, rainwater and even in our bodies.

  • Why the air inside your home may be more polluted than outdoor air.

  • How to fight indoor and outdoor air pollution.

  • Recipes for homemade, non-toxic cleaners and where to buy "green" commercial brands.

  • How to make your own natural air fresheners and where to buy environmentally-friendly commercial brands.

  • How to keep your home free of mold, mildew, bacteria and other biological contaminants.

  • Revealed: The second-leading cause of lung cancer may be secretly seeping into your home.

  • How to choose more environmentally-friendly paints.

  • Non-toxic alternatives to pesticides.

  • How to "go paperless."

  • Why 1.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water, and how to make sure your water is always 100% safe for you and your family.

  • The No.1 high-pollution activity people do every day.

  • How you might be polluting the environment and not knowing it.

Plus, you'll learn these astounding facts:

  • A typical American causes 100 times more damage to the environment than someone living in a poor country.

  • Global warming is now causing weather catastrophes, disease epidemics and massive environmental destruction.

  • We destroy 56,000 square miles of trees per year through worldwide deforestation.

  • We are destroying the cures for AIDS, cancer and other fatal diseases by obliterating the Amazon Rain Forest.

  • The typical American throws away 600 times more trash than his or her adult bodyweight over their lifetime.

  • Over one-third of our nation's waters are unsafe for swimming and fishing due to industrial, agricultural and household pollution.

and much, much more. We've researched the most authoritative sources and put it all right here in this informative Real Safety Guide to Protecting Your Environment. You simply won't find this collection of information anywhere else, at any price!

Don't wait around until it's too late for our planet to be saved

Getting this guide is your first step to making a positive impact on the world. Americans create 1.6 million tons of hazardous waste each year, but just one person can make a significant difference in the health of our planet and people worldwide. Just click on the "Purchase Now" button on this page and, for only $8.95, you can download this book instantly and learn how to become someone who protects the planet, not someone who destroys it.

For only $8.95, you can learn 120 proven tips and tricks to protect our planet for future generations and save your health today. For barely eight cents per strategy, you can help save something priceless.

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Presenter: Mike Adams and Alexis Black
Includes: 1 Downloadable Documents
Price: $8.95 USD
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