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The Seven Laws of Nutrition
How to transform your health, reverse chronic disease and free yourself from pharmaceuticals by mastering the fundamental laws of nutrition

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This program is recommended by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger as a program that's beneficial to your health and well being.
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Here's what else you'll learn inside:

  • Why most modern diseases are actually a result of nutritional deficiencies that can be easily corrected.

  • The four key steps to changing your life and achieving any level of health you desire.

  • Details on how the standard American breakfast actually causes FIVE chronic diseases in one meal!

  • How certain everyday foods, available at any grocery store, actually offer stronger disease-fighting potential than outrageously expensive prescription drugs.

  • How food processing companies actually strip away as much as 98% of the nutrition of whole grains before delivering products for human consumption.

  • The shocking reason why the FDA and pharmaceutical companies don't want you to learn that you can prevent and even reverse many chronic diseases with nothing but healing foods and nutritional supplements.

  • Why pet food is often far healthier than the food people eat (and why feeding people food to a dog might be animal cruelty!).

  • Why you can't afford to wait on conventional medicine to change its ways: if you want to be healthy, you have to take charge NOW!

  • How we're poisoning our schoolchildren, our families and ourselves with a diet of manufactured, processed foods that directly promote chronic disease.

  • How to make sure you NEVER get cancer, even if your parents did, by following an anti-cancer nutritional strategy.

  • Why most conventional medicine doctors don't have a clue about nutrition (hint: nutrition isn't even taught in medical schools).

  • How you can completely rebuild your entire body, at a molecular level, by making new food choices starting today.

  • Why nutritional supplements -- even expensive supplements -- are dirt cheap compared to the cost of being sick or diseased.

  • The schocking truth of how products like SlimFast and
  • Ensure are mostly sugar water!

  • How new technology, available right now, can predict your health future using a blue laser light that detects the level of nutrition circulating in your bloodstream

  • How a common vitamin supplement, available everywhere, is actually a cancer-fighting, disease-busting superfood supplement (and why the FDA won't allow the manufacturer to tell you the truth about this product).

  • The true cause of type II diabetes, and how it can be easily reversed with foods and exercise.

  • Why superfoods provide all the nutrition you need to prevent chronic disease, support healthy mental function, and extend your lifespan.

  • How to greatly enhance your mental function and eliminate depression through food choice and affordable nutritional supplements.

  • The real story on natural sunlight and why sunshine is essential nutrition for the human body (it prevents prostate cancer, breast cancer, mental depression and much more).

  • Straight talk about the disastrous USDA Food Guide

  • Pyramid and how its advice actually promotes chronic disease (especially diabetes).

  • Why your own good health causes drug companies to lose a lifelong customer (and takes away revenues from hospitals and doctors, too).

  • Grocery store warning: why "enriched" white flour is actually a nutritional disaster that promotes chronic disease.

  • The truth about how your own body already contains miraculous "biological nanotechnology" that's more advanced than any technology ever invented by human beings.

  • Exposed! Why the idea that your genes are responsible for your disease is nothing but pessimistic medical propaganda that steals your power and makes you think you can't ever achieve superior health.

  • The truth about why disease is never caused by bad luck: it's always cause and effect, and the outcome of virtually any disease can be altered or reversed through nutrition.

  • How to tell the difference between living foods and dead foods, and what it all means for your health and lifespan.

  • Birth defects explained: the vast majority are caused by nutritional deficiencies that could be easily corrected with affordable nutritional supplements.

  • The shocking truth about white flour: it's a highly effective insecticide!

  • Why most common diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) are really just metabolic disorders and technically aren't "diseases" at all.

  • The truth about prescription drugs and how they only mask symptoms of disease rather than actually making patients healthier.

  • Why it's impossible to get optimum nutrition without taking nutritional supplements or eating superfoods.

  • What human nutrition has in common with plant and animal nutrition (and how to exploit those similarities to prevent chronic disease).

  • The straight truth on which grocery store foods can prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

  • The real reason why health-enhancing "by products" of grain milling are fed to cows and pigs rather than humans (hint: ranchers only make money when their cows stay healthy).

  • The sad truth on how nutritional deficiencies actually create a multi-billion dollar disease treatment industry that exploits the health of the public for profit.

  • Why food manufacturers are just like Big Tobacco in denying the dangerous truth about their disease-promoting products.

  • The complete list of superfoods you can buy at any grocery store or health food store.

  • Shocking details on how whole grains are processed, stripped of their nutrition, and then sold to food manufacturing companies for use in cereals, cookies, crackers, breads and other products that promote disease.

  • How your body is pre-programmed for superior health, but can only achieve it if you provide the nutritional building blocks it needs to stay healthy.

  • Why losing excess body fat will happen naturally and effortlessly as a result of making new food choices based on nutrition.

  • Why professional gardeners and veterinarians actually know more about nutrition than conventional medical doctors.

  • The real explanation of how we can be overweight and yet malnourished at the same time.

  • Revealed: the lies and distortions of the food lobby which claims there is no such thing as an unhealthy food.

  • Why the USDA can never be trusted to provide unbiased advice on foods and nutrition.

  • How even healthy-looking fruits and vegetables at the grocery store simply don't provide the vitamins and minerals you think they do.

  • Revealed: revolutionary new technology that scans your body and determines your level of nutrition in just three minutes!

  • How we can save our nation and our children by banning soft drinks and junk foods in schools.

  • The shocking truth of how the U.S. government actually subsidizes food ingredients that promote chronic disease, encouraging price-conscious consumers to buy more!

There's no book like this one. It presents a lifesaving education in nutrition, but without technical jargon of any kind. It's written for anyone who is tired of being diseased, exhausted, and broke thanks to conventional medicine. It's for people who want to take charge of their health and transform it, freeing themselves from the deadly influence of drug companies and poorly-informed health practitioners.
Whether you want to prevent chronic disease or beat disease you may already be experiencing, this book gives you the lifesaving information you need to take charge of your health outcome. The information it presents is strongly supported by thousands of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, herbalists and natural health practitioners around the world.

Disclaimer: This book is not intended as medical advice. Always work with a naturopathic physician in treating any health condition.

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Presenter: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Includes: 2 Downloadable Documents
Price: $24.95 USD
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