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The Vitality Cleanse
If you’re like most Americans, your diet is lacking in authentic nourishment. More than ever before, the foods we eat are engineered with chemicals that are unnecessary, harmful, and even addictive. Fortunately, we also live in an era in which there’s a growing wave of awareness of the profound role diet plays in one’s health. The Vitality Cleanse is a part of that wave. If you’ve just been eating what’s in front of you, chances are you’ve been feeling drained of energy. Or maybe you have some persistent extra pounds you’d love to lose. By following the instructions Allison Biggar lays out for you, you will conquer food cravings, lose weight, have radiant skin, and feel totally revitalized, ready to take on the world.  By getting toxins out and nutrients in, you will rejuvenate your body and get back to perfect health! It took years for your body to get this way. Can you take 5 days to make it better?

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If you’ve been feeling sluggish, depleted, or dissatisfied with your overall health, in most cases, your diet is the culprit. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the foods they ingest are rife with harmful additives. The Vitality Cleanse is here to reverse that. Through this nutritional overhaul, you can look better and enjoy stronger immunity, improved mood, and an infinite number of other benefits that go way beyond aesthetics.

The Vitality Cleanse is the spark that will ignite your transformation.
Cleansing is the process of purging your body of accumulated toxins while replenishing your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. While the word “cleanse” may be intimidating to some, it actually describes the gateway to a profoundly healthier way of life that will revitalize you. By ridding your body of toxins and flushing it with nutrients, you will help your body return to homeostasis: perfect health!

The first step of the Vitality Cleanse is a detox. Detox, short for detoxification, is the purification of the body through the removal of toxins. Our bodies naturally eliminate toxins through our skin, liver, kidney and lungs. However, due to the massive amount of toxins in our air, water and food supply today, our bodies are unable to “keep up” with daily onslaught. This can lead to chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and a whole host of health problems. With the guidance of Allison Biggar, you will enjoy the immediate benefits of increased health by removing accumulated chemicals from your system. Once you’ve freed your body of these toxins, you will be able to fully experience the benefits of the cleansing process.

If you want to do a cleanse but aren’t sure how, this download includes detailed information that will guide you through the process. You will receive an eBook that explains the specific benefits of doing a cleanse, breaking down exactly how it works. There’s also a detailed plan of what to do, including a daily schedule and a shopping list that will eliminate any guesswork!

Put your health back in your hands and feel the best you can! As thousands of people can attest to, The Vitality Cleanse will reinvigorate you, your body and your whole life!

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Presenter: Holistic Voice
Includes: 2 Downloadable Documents
Price: $14.97 USD On Sale! $9.97
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  • Holistic Voice Presents:
  • "Detox," "Fast," "Cleanse,"
  • -Now what do I mean by detox?
  • -The Vitality Cleanse- Juicing
  • -The Vitality Cleanse- Detoxing
  • -The Vitality Cleanse Detox List
  • -Cleansing the Colon
  • -Your Schedule
  • -Instructions
  • -Recipes
  • -Emotional Cleansing
  • Answers Your Questions such as:
  • -Can I work out during the cleanse?
  • -What do I do if I am hungry?
  • -What can I eat on my pre and post cleanse?
  • -What will I feel like on the cleanse?
  • -What if I want to stop?
  • -What makes me toxic?
  • -Is it true that cleansing can reverse cancer?
  • -Who am I and Why Am I Doing This?

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