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Winter Wellness for Women...and the Men Who Love Them
Turn on the magic inside you with Dr. Linda’s Winter Wellness package.

Price: $79.95 USD On Sale! $34.95

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Emotions run high during the holidays. Get empowered by Dr. Linda Berry to transform your stressful emotions into a mighty fuel by combining science and spirit. Why feel overwhelmed and despairing when you can feel strong and brilliant? Enliven your physical, mental, and spiritual health using these awesome professionally-produced tools.

The Inner Smile Trilogy

The Inner Smile Trilogy turns you on with ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. In this soothing 3–part audio program, Dr. Linda guides you on a journey through your body, mind, and spirit rejuvenating every bit of you, transforming stress, and cultivating joy with the healing power of your smile.

Breast Health

Luscious Jazz entertains you while Dr. Linda shares proven ways to create exceptional breast health naturally. Learn the safest and most effective ways to test. Find out probable causes so you can avoid them. And discover easy ways to prevent breast disease or its reoccurrence in this 3-part audio instructional lecture series that puts women's wisdom at the forefront.

Tantra for Health, Enlightenment and Bliss

Dr. Linda and guest guide, Dr. Khaleghl Quinn, Ph.D, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and Judo Master, bring their life-changing workshop into the privacy and convenience of your home. With these practices you will generate potent energy to feed your body, mind, and soul. You’ll build magnificent health, savor an increased sense of sacred sexuality, and enrich your dance of life.

Dr. Linda’s Winter Wellness package is your RX for a vital, healthy, and sexy new you. Transform the stress of the season into fuel by tapping into unlimited resources clamoring inside you just waiting to be unlocked...

A Message from Dr. Linda:

Contained within "Winter Wellness for Women" are three digestible lectures on Breast Health made for today's women. I made it because we, as individuals and as creatures on earth, are awash in a sea of man-made estrogens from prescriptions, processed animal by-products that you eat, water that you drink, plastics, sunscreens, and cosmetics. Man-made estrogens cause breast cancer cells to grow in the laboratory, and in you! With each decade of your life, your odds of developing this disfiguring disease increase.

You can change your risk.

If you're educated, drink alcoholic beverages, and have no children or gave birth late in life, you’re in the highest percentile for getting breast cancer.

The good news is that you have the power to change the odds -- but only with the right information and appropriate action.

Because I have a number of risk factors for breast cancer myself and I live where women have the highest incidence of breast cancer in the world, I was compelled to do my homework. I thoroughly researched this life-threatening topic to reduce my risk and yours. The result is Breast Health, a three part audio file download that covers causes, prevention, and testing of breast cancer. 

  • Causes - Wouldn't it be good to know the causes of breast cancer cell growth so you can avoid them? You'll be surprised to learn that many normal household products are dangerous to your health. You'll hear about safe alternatives to use instead.

  • Prevention - It's easier than you think to prevent becoming a statistic. Simple dietary and lifestyle changes make a difference. And they're easy to put into action. You'll feel great being armed with these specific tools to protect your health and well-being.

  • Testing - Did you know that a current method of testing your breasts actually increases your risk of growing cancer cells? In this audio, you'll learn safe and effective methods to detect changes that lead to breast cancer up to 20 years before it would actually occur.

  • Do you like to listen to good music and absorb your learning in bite-sized chunks? If so you'll really enjoy this relaxed and life changing recording.

 Each segment of Breast Health lasts approximately 12 minutes. While you learn how to reverse the possibility of becoming a breast cancer statistic your senses will be soothed by jazz greats Wes Montgomery, Larry Coryell, and Oscar Peterson.

    What is truly exceptional about the Winter Wellness for Women Package is that the a woman is viewed a a whole being, which is the right way to see breast health. In addition to the science, tips, and more in Breast Health, you will enjoy practicing the Inner Smile and Tantric secrets to be healthy on every level.

    About Dr. Linda Berry

    Before becoming a chiropractor, I was a modern dancer, a purple belt in Karate, and a health coach to my community of artists and students. For the past quarter century, I've been in practice as a chiropractor and nutritionist.

    I see you as a whole person, not as a collection of symptoms. I am passionate to see you become better educated and more self-reliant. You'll be empowered to rebuild and rejuvenate your health.

    Free your body, mind and spirit with Dr. Linda’s Winter Wellness package!

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    Presenter: Dr. Linda Berry
    Includes: 2 Online Streamed Video(s) (70 mins total)
    6 Online Streamed Audio(s) (75 mins total)
    6 Downloadable MP3s
    Price: $79.95 USD On Sale! $34.95
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    A Special Offering of Programs for You:

    The Inner smile Guided Meditation Audio Trilogy Includes:

  • Rejuvenate Your Radiance with "The Inner Smile" (Over 14 min. audio)

  • Transform Your Stress into Fuel with "Smile into Distress" (Over 14 min. audio)

  • Cultivating Your Special Joy with "Smile into Ecstasy" (Over 15 min. audio)

    Breast Health 3-Part Instructional Lecture Audio Series Includes:

  • "Causes of Good Breast Health"(Over 9 min. audio)

  • "Preventing Breast Dis-ease" (Over 11 min. audio)

  • "Testing for Your Breast Health" (Over 7 min. audio)

    Tantra for Health, Bliss, and Enlightenment Instructional Videos Include (Does not include sexually explicit material):

  • "How to Achieve Health Benefits Through Tantra" (59 min. video)

  • "Sacred Sexuality and How Tantra Brings Enlightenment Closer to You" (11 min. video)

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